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POINT for Manufacturing & Plants

Are your employee communications cluttered and hard to manage?
Is getting your employees engaged online a challenge?
POINT allows you to finally connect the dots between your people
and the information they need to grow your manufacturing organization.  Improve communications in the workplace to be more effective with the POINT company intranet and portal.
Male and Female Industrial Engineers in

Free 30-day Trial

Get Started Now.

  • Synchronize Communications to Your Team Members
  • Engage Non-Desk Employees with the Rest of Your Company
  • Notification of outages, rollout notices, service alerts are now easy to follow.
  • Easily coordinate new hires onboarding, important announcements, and updates.
  • Quality Assurance is a breeze with POINT. Crowd-source problems, share results, promote best practices.
  • Build excitement, share news, engage your team in promotion.
Employees in the USA, Canada, & Australia are benefiting from better internal and more effective communications. Use POINT for greater communication at work. 
One unique multi-platform progressive web app (PWA) solution - desktop, phone. app, and tablet.
Our channels features help to reach and notify your employees 100% of the the time.  Better intranet communications
Improve productivity in your manufacturing workplace with better staff engagement and with our enhanced business communications solution.
Get up and running in less than 48 hours.

All plans include

Unlimited members
We'll never limit how many people sign up to engage with you on POINT
Create Public, Private or
Request to join Channels
Platform customization
Use your organization's colors, logos, and branding
Unlimited posts
Create as much or as little content or updates on for your community 
Community channel
One Channel that all members can add their own content for everyone to engage with
Device optimization & support
What you create is automatically responsive to all devices
Unlimited administrators
You don't have to manage your community on your own, invite as many Administrators as you need 
Relationship tools
Develop a relationship with your members via direct messaging, commenting and sharing features
Basic analytics
See what posts are the most popular and how big your membership is growing

More Effective Communication

Get in touch with our sales team or start your free 30-day trial

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a give a credit card to sign up for a free hub?

No, a credit card is not required when signing up for a free hub. You can sign-up and begin immediately!

How long does it take to create my POINT?

Your POINT Hub is instantly created upon registration.

Can anyone sign up to use POINT?

YES! Anyone can use POINT to create their own online community.

What type of Channels can I create with POINT?

You can create Public, Private or Request to join channels for your members to join and receive different content from. ( (*Not available for free hubs.)

Can I make money while using POINT?

Yes! Sell tickets to events, post items for sale, or even do fundraising through our GIVE module. (*Not available for free hubs.)

How does POINT differ from other online social media communities?

POINT is a safe and secure place for you and your members to interact and engage in online conversations and updates. Visit our security page for more details on how POINT is different.

How do I cancel my POINT Subscription?

To cancel a FREE POINT subscription you can email and we will quickly cancel your HUB. If you are a paying customer you can easily cancel your subscription at

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