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Create Your Church POINT Today.


POINT is the platform that allows you to connect the dots between your church and its members in a community environment that is safe and secure.

Instantly provide your members with a 

that is a safe, secure, and accessible place to fellowship.





Quickly send announcements, service updates, and church-wide events to everyone in your congregation. Encourage visitors to connect with virtual Guest Visitor Cards.





Members of small groups have a safe space to share resources, connect throughout the week, and post prayer requests.




Connect everyone participating in events, schedule volunteers and send updates when things change to keep everyone on the same page. 

Send Automated


Each week, POINT automatically sends out personalized newsletters to every registered member based on THEIR interests and notification choices.
Email Notification.png

Simple Registration

& Sign In

When a new member wants to engage with content (like, comment, share) or join a group channel, they are automatically prompted to register.
Already have an email list? 
Upload your email list to bulk invite members to your new online community.

A Group Channel For Everyone

Give your members the privacy and confidence to socialize in an online community that matches how they connect in person.

Group Channel

Everyone is welcome to explore the updates in these group channels. They'll automatically be prompted to register if they try to JOIN the channel or engage in a conversation.


Pastor's Blog Channel

Past Sermons Channel

Community Channel

Group Channel

Channel owners are provided with the power to approve or reject requests from users who express an interest in JOINING the channel.


Sunday School Channel

Small Group Channel

Prayer Warriors Channel

Group Channel

Private channels create the exclusivity and privacy you need. Only members who receive an invitation will see the channel appear in their feeds.


Staff Channel

Leaders Channel

Prayer Requests Channel


Create a safe online community where your church members can communicate, connect and encourage one another throughout the week.

All plans include

Unlimited members
We'll never limit how many people sign up to engage with you on POINT
Create Public, Private or
Request to join Channels
Platform customization
Use your organization's colors, logos, and branding
Unlimited posts
Create as much or as little content or updates for your community 
Community channel
One Channel that all members can add their own content for everyone to engage with
Device optimization & support
What you create is automatically responsive to all devices
Unlimited administrators
You don't have to manage your community on your own; invite as many Administrators as you need 
Relationship tools
Develop a relationship with your members via direct messaging, commenting and sharing features
Basic analytics
See what posts are the most popular and how big your membership is growing

Choose the right plan.

You will not be charged for any plan until after your 30-day Trial.
All pricing in USD


$49 /mo

Start communicating with your members today
7 Channels
1 Homepage Slider
2 Site Pages
Weekly automated newsletter
Coming soon:
Sell Your Items Through POINT
1 item per post



$89 /mo

Optimize your membership opportunities
15 Channels
3 Homepage Sliders
10 Site Pages
Weekly or daily automated newsletter
Coming soon:
Sell Your Items Through POINT
Unlimited items per post
Post Scheduling
Advance Platform Customization
Coming Soon:
Monetize Your Channels
7 Channels
Weekly automated newsletter
Unlimited members
See all basic features


$199 /mo

Start communicating with your members today
30 Channels
Unlimited Homepage Sliders
25 Site Pages
Weekly or daily automated newsletter
Coming Soon:
Sell Your Items Through POINT
Unlimited items per post
Post Scheduling
Advance Platform Customization
Coming Soon:
Monetize Your Channels
Channel Customization
Private Members Only Platform
Advanced Analytics
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